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Private one-on-one surfing instruction

I provide personalized private surfing instruction for the length of time that suits your athletic ability and comfort in the ocean. That could be from 2-to-4 hours, depending on you.

You will not be in a class of 20 people.  You will have my full and undivided attention both for your safety and in order to provide you with the optimum results in the least amount of time.  I promise to have you up and surfing in the first lesson.

Instruction will be individualized and tailored to your needs and skill level. Time and prices are negotiable.  However, experience says that the following options are the most popular:

--$100 for 2 hours of one-on-one with a professional instructor

--$200 for a half day

-- $75/each for 2-4 friends or family per lesson.  I will not put you in with strangers.  I have a strict limit of 4 individuals per lesson.

I am  lifesaving and ocean lifeguard certified.  I am a certified emergency medical technician.  Your safety is my highest priority.

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